Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Blooms of My Garden

These are the first things that always bloom first in my flower gardens. The white Bleeding Hearts, Grape Hyacinth and Candy Tuft. I like these because they bloom for several weeks. That's always a bonus. The Candy Tuft will spread in unwanted locations. But I just dig them up and move them to another garden. Thanks for looking!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fruit trees are blossoming!

We have several fruit trees in our yard. Two kinds of apple, peach and cherry. They are all in bloom. I hope that means we will be eating lots of fruit later this summer. I just love the early blooms of spring!



A spring evening and a surprise around every corner!!

It was a beautiful evening. The sky was blue and as I was throwing the ball out back for the dogs, Buddy discovered a good size snapping turtle. The shell was at least 12 inches long and that was not counting the head and tail. We scooped it up with a shovel to take it to the front yard and she (I think by her tail and claws) was not too happy. You just never know what we will find in our yard. She has since moved on to find maybe a mate??

Another great find for the evening was this cute little tree frog. He was only about an inch and half long and very green. But was kind enough to sit on the Milk Thistle weed long enough for me to get some pictures.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Signs of Spring!

Even the weeds are pretty this time of year!!

The swans were out in numbers.

My husband and I had the day off and went to the park where we had our wedding reception 22 years ago. We had the best day! The trees and flowers are beginning to bloom. It was a beautiful spring day. The sky was so blue and just the right temp for us (around 63 degrees). I hope you enjoy some of the pictures we took at the park.

A Beautiful Tree Fungus

This was a fungus growing on my in-laws tree last fall. But isn't it a pretty fungus??