Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mr and Mrs Snowman

As we pulled into the driveway this morning, to our surprise there were our neighbor girls building us a snowman.  I had asked them awhile back that the next time it snows, if they would build us a snowman.  They were very excited and said "YES"!!  But the last view times we got some snow, it was the light fluffy kind and not good for packing.  But last night we got several inches of the good stuff!!  You can't see them, but at the bottom they also built a little kitty and dog.  How cute is that!! So that's me on the left and my husband on the right.  They are the sweetest little girls and growing up way too fast!!

Unfortunately, it was a bit too warm today and both our heads fell off.  I'm sure we're not finished with the snow this winter, so maybe they'll come back and build us a couple more.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Groundhog Day Fun!!!

I think the snow has finally stopped for now.  We bundled up and took the dogs out for some fun.  The snow was up to our knees in places.  Even the dogs were having a tough time getting through some of it.  We didn't get as much as some parts of the country but that's OK!!  Here are some pictures of the dogs out having fun.

"So are you going to throw it or what?!!!"

Here are the guys warming up for big game Sunday!!

"I'll just sit this one out and watch from the sidelines!"

"I'm open!!!"

"This is the last play!!!"

I'm out of here!! It's cold!!!

Why are they's nap time!!

Groundhog Day??

Snow, snow and more snow!! I think we have about 11 inches on the ground and it's still coming down.  Here are the guys out on the deck this morning wondering....."Groundhog??  There's a Groundhog out here???" I don't think the Groundhog even came out today to attempt to see his shadow or not! If he was smart he stayed in where it's nice and warm!! That's where we are! It doesn't look too deep on the deck but out in the yard it goes up to their bellies.  I'll be back later today with more pictures! Stay safe and warm everyone!!