Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Queen has been set free!!

Yes it's true!!  The Queen's subjects have successfully freed her from her box!  Yeah!!  The picture isn't great, but you can see the small hole at the end of the box.  That was filled with a sugar plug which the drones had to eat in order to free their Queen.  We were also able to see that they are already building wax in the hive. 

Yesterday we kind of thought that she might be out of her box.  There were a few dead bees in the box that they came in.  We saw bees dragging out the dead ones and pushing them out over the edge onto the ground.  They were definitely cleaning house and we thought that the Queen was already giving orders to tidy things up!!

Hopefully all will go well in the next couple weeks.  The next clue that our hive is thriving is to see that the Queen has laid eggs.  Isn't this exciting??  We think so anyway.  Stayed tuned for the next update!!  Have a beeutiful weekend (sorry I couldn't resist)!!

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  1. Oh yes...very exciting! Thanks for sharing!