Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bee Update

Our bees have been busy!!  We haven't been able to open the hive because it's been so windy this week.  But tonight we were able to look inside.  The Queen is laying eggs which is a great sign.  And five out 10 grids (I'm sure that's not the technical term, but you get the idea) are almost full of wax and honey.  You can see the wax and honey in the picture below.  It's the yellow honeycomb stuff at the top right. 

Our neighbor girls were over and we all were able to sample some of the "pure" honey. was amazing!  So sweet!!  The girls weren't too thrilled with chewing on the wax to get the honey out, but I think they liked it just the same!

Here's a closeup!

This weekend we need to fill their sugar water supply, so we'll be able to peek in again and get some more pictures.  Stay tuned!!  Isn't this fun??  It's looking good for honey this fall!!!


  1. great pictures of the bees, Look forward to seeing more pictures of the bees