Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Daylily

It's hard to believe that the last few blooms of summer are almost here.  We wait through the long winter to get a glimpse of color and before we know it we're at the end of the season.  We still have the beautiful fall colors to look forward to and the Mums are some of my favorites. 

The Black Eyed Susans should be in bloom for a few more weeks.  It must be their orange color that makes me think of fall.  Not that I'm quite ready, although with the heat that we have had here lately, I find myself longing for the cool nights that fall brings.  We are finally getting some much needed rain tonight.  You can water every day, but it doesn't compare to a slow falling rain to make things perk up.

This is one of my beautiful daylilies.  The orange color is just so amazing.  I managed to get a close up shot of it while the rain drops were still there.  Hope you enjoy it!  Take time to look at all the beautiful colors in the great outdoors that our Lord provides for us.

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