Monday, July 30, 2012

A Daylily Friend

The other day I went out to take a look at any new blooms that may have opened in the garden.  This is the first year for this daylily in our garden.  It's been so hot and dry in our area, I wondered if we would see any blooms.  Isn't it beautiful? 

When I inspected it, I thought "what is that"?  Upon a closer look, there was a tiny little frog that had found a place to rest.  He couldn't have been more than an inch in size.  I wondered why he picked that flower to rest in.  Did he just happen to land there?  Was he after some kind of insect?  Or did he just want to admire the beauty of the flower and the warmth of the sun before he was one his way?  Whatever the reason, I'm happy that he stayed long enough for me to take a photo.

1 comment:

  1. I love it, Barb! And Im glad you are loving the daylilies!
    Nikki Schmith